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Colors from nature inspire...


Truly, nature can easily provide you with a pallet to start thinking about decorating your home.


The stark white before photos, show you what the original pallet was for this master bedroom. Sunny yellows with brown accents and florals and mixing up the patterns gives this a custom look without "right off the floor from a furniture store" look. Chairs and demi lune table from Mitchells in Laurel, valance headboard and bedding from Dreamweavers in Rehoboth, lamps, artwork and side tables found around the state. Walls painted by Katy.


As a graduate of the Sheffield Scool of Interior Design, I can guide you as to color choices, furniture placement and style. Is your space going to be a vibrant place or a quiet place? Your use of the colors you choose will determine that. Treat the surrounding rooms in the same fashion, one color flowing into another room used in different ways, with ALL the rooms working together for a pleasing affect. Everything works together...paint, sofa, chairs, pillows, artwork & flooring. Homeowners choose...

                                           What's your style?



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